About BioLucid

Our Vision: Making Health Visual

Our vision is nothing short of game changing with a very clear purpose of helping to improve patient lives. We are revolutionizing the way health will be communicated and understood.

Our Management Team, Board, and Advisors

BioLucid is built on the vision and expertise of seasoned professionals from complementary but diverse backgrounds in digital technologies, science, and business. Each contributes a unique creative perspective to our common goal of bringing together the capabilities and resources for building immersive experiences that inform and improve the lives of people everywhere.

Lawrence Kiey
CEO / Chairman / Co-Founder

Jeff Hazelton
CTO / Director / Co-Founder 

Dale Park
CSO / Treasurer / Co-Founder

Steve King

Anthony McCusker
Director and General Counsel

Don Dodge

Dean Eisner

Kelly O. Kay

Richard Browne

Dr. Robert Rubino

Kumar S. Yamani


Our Location

You will find us in creative, sunny Sarasota.
1680 Fruitville Road #202
Sarasota, Florida
Phone: 941.893.4400
Email: info@biolucid.com